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SUNDAY NOV 19th 2017
 Click Link Below For Pictures!!!!
    This is the type of auction we all dream about.!!!!!!!
    This estate auction in full to the brim with everything you could think of. Tonka, early Buddy L. Well over 10,000 Hot Wheels (and yes there are red lines) Just check out the list and pictures. Keep in mind there is still yet things to uncover. With Christmas right around the corner this is going to be the place to find that hard to find gift for that one person that has everything.

     Vintage antiques collectibles 
   Buddy l airplane
   Buddy l trucks -lots of them all different years and models 
   Tonka trucks
   Tonka Jeep 
   Tonka Fire trucks 
   structo trucks 
   John Deers
    many more of these types we have still to uncover. 

   Now lets talk about some Hot Wheels 
    Red lines 
    1960s That are in great condition
    1970S In mint I mean mint condition 
    1980s That you have not seen before.
    1990s That you knew you should have bought it in the store when you could get it that cheap. 
    2000s That are still in the cases, and I do mean cases 
     Hot Wheels Treasure hunt cars.
 There is Hot wheels for every class of collector. I don't care if you are just starting out or have 1000s of them at your house your will find a Hot wheel here you have been looking for. 
  Vintage Hot Wheels and Match Box lunch boxes 
  Vintage Hot Wheels carrying case
  Lots of Vintage Hot Wheel Tracks  
  Vintage Match box Carrying cases 
  Match Box cars not as many as the Hot Wheels. 
   alot for the 70s 
 KISS!!! Still in the package lots to choice from 
 X-men Still in Package 
 Star Wars and Lots of them!!!!!
 Star Trek
 Harley Davidson in boxs
 Indian Motorcycles in boxes 
 Franklin Mint Princess Diana doll
 Franklin Heirloom dolls  
 Snap on Die cast 
 Tons of Die cast cars in the box 
 Old Model cars still factor sealed 
 Barbie Dolls in the box 
 Harley Davidson Barbie 
 Coca Cola Barbie 
 Coca Cola cast iron horse and cart
 Coca cola Trays
 Old Budweiser clock 
 Old Budweiser signs 
 lots of old beer signs and mirrors
 Elvis The King!! Still in Packages 
 Slot cars Tracks And cars 
 Marilyn Monroe
 1000s of Baseball cards 
 X-men Cards 
 100s of Ligthers
 Camel Ligther
 Marlboro lighter
 Marlbro store ash tray
 Cast Iron bank
 Antique phone 
 Old Daisy BB guns 
 Fenton Glass 
 Carnival Glass
 Pocket Knifes  
 There is so much more to find!!
      Electric and Furniture
  Lots of display cases
  Tall Kitchen table 
  Flat screen tv and stand
  Gun cabinet 
  Store Freezer that slides open from the type
  old free standing Philco radio
  Vintage Panasonic Radios
  Old metal Bird Cages 
 Lots of hand tools 
 Craftman standing tool box 
 Air compressor
 Drill Press 
 lawn mower 

   American Arch compound Bow with case 


   So very much more you must see it.  See you there on Sunday!!!  

COl. Charlie Angel